Route Compatibility Check

This is the Route Compatibility Check application and service, working on the Knowledge Graph (KG) of the EU Agency for Railways (ERA). The ERA KG is created out of independently maintained datasets.

The objective is to check if a certain railway vehicle (read as a locomotive unit, passenger car, wagon, etc) of an authorized type of vehicle, can travel the route from operational point A to operational point B. Each route is composed of sections of lines (tracks) with different technical parameters. Each track is between two operations points. The small icons that appear on the map show the location of the operational points and details about them when you hover over them.

Vehicle type information is originated from the European Registry Authorized Type of Vehicle (ERATV) and shown with their particular Type ID and name (e.g., 11-001-0003-9-001 - Euro 4000 Tristandard).

You can have a look on the application in the following link where you can find a "Help page" to learn how to use the application.

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